Christopher Field is no stranger to the idea of craftsmanship. From a very early age, his creativity emerged in its first instance in the form of being a prolific artist. An Art Scholar at school, Christopher went on to Art College to study both painting and freehand drawing - equally at home with working on portraits and landscapes. It is with this acute eye for detail and observation that tailoring became a huge interest.

Christopher spent many years on Jermyn Street, managing the Made to Order shirt business for Thomas Pink. He was at the helm of designing shirts for hundreds of international clients, and it was while he was there that his passion for tailoring continued to flourish.

Following Thomas Pink, Christopher moved to Emmett London, where further responsibilities in both Jermyn Street and the City led him to drive and build a highly successful tailoring business in both shirting and suiting.

To make a beautifully fitting shirt or a suit, there are two aspects that remain key: An understanding of quality materials and fabrics, but also an understanding of their anatomy. And to create something special and a joy to wear, it is paramount to be in the hands of someone who understands. A craftsman. Christopher founded Guy Field because he wanted to develop a British brand with an authentic grasp of modern tailoring, style and attention to detail.

Once an artist – always an artist.