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The familiar ‘Made in Italy’ stamp a proud hallmark of the entire Italian nation. It carries a meaning of luxury, prestige and craftsmanship worldwide. It seems like the know-how of producing high quality, refined and stylish clothes has always been in the Italian blood. This flattering stereotype is a drive of global luxury consumption, giving owners of these items a pride and almost hedonistic pleasure. ‘Made in Italy’ is more than just a tag – it is a phenomenon which represents a lifestyle, heritage and craftsmanship of small, artisan, often family-run manufacturers, expanded over the centuries with passion and love.  


However, since the rise of globalisation and with a boom in low cost manufacture in Asia in recent decades, this concept has been changed. According to the law, passed in the Euro zone, any product can legally carry the ‘Made in Italy’ tag if the last substantial transformation has been processed in Italy which can be as little as the zip or buttons being attached to the garment. This challenged customers’ confidence in the hallmark, and consequently shone negative PR on the industry.

Honesty and transparency in production is highly important, especially for small, niche brands. In order to maintain customers’ faith in the production of goods, companies should deliver their promise in the clearest way possible. The ‘Made in Italy’ certification, which suggests that the products are made entirely in Italy, should reassure consumers as well as help smaller niche businesses to stand out from global brands. The supply chain process has to be transparent at the every stage of production. This can also be delivered through educating customers about the manufacturer’s use of the term, as well as allowing them to visit company factories and production lines. We at Guy Field strive for refined British sophistication, achieved through traditional British design coupled with expert Italian craftsmanship and attention to detail, is a company which is proud to carry the genuine ‘Made in Italy’ mark.

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