The Differences between Bespoke and Made to Measure Shirts.

These days the term of Made to Measure and Bespoke shirts can be muddled but in the true sense of the word there are differences.

Bespoke Shirts handcut patten by Guy Field London

Bespoke Shirtmaking.

With Bespoke shirts a paper pattern is drafted and created which is unique to the wearer. This goes beyond just measurements and allows the pattern makers eye to factor in the slight nuances of the clients posture to create a superior fit.

The process at Guy Field is to create a test shirt made in a white poplin which is fitted on the client and from the subsequent conversation on fit, the the paper patten is tweaked and the final order of shirts is created.Bespoke Shirtmaking London

Made to Measure Shirtmaking.

With Made to Measure shirts measurements are taken from the client and sent to a factory where the measurements are imputed usually on a computer and an existing block is adapted to best fit the wearer which is then drafted out by a machine and tailored into the finished shirt. Other than correcting the sleeve or waist, there is little that can be changed from the finished shirt when the client is fitted.

Clients unique paper pattern created for a bespoke shirtChoice

With Bespoke shirting the choice of fabrics is endless as fabric is sourced directly from the mills. At Guy Field we offer close to 3000 fabrics from Thomas Mason and Canclini to name a few.

Made to Measure usually offers a collection in the 100s from fabrics which is complied by the factory that offers the service.

Both approaches works for customer tailoring in London, at Guy Field we concentrate on handcrafted bespoke shirtmaking in out workshop in Italy to produce the best Bespoke shirts in London.

Thomas Mason cotton shirt by Guy Field